This article is about the form Peach takes on while playing as her in her Super Mario platformer playable appearances. For the Nintendo DS game, see Super Princess Peach.

Super Peach is a form of Peach which she assumes when grabbing a Small Heart or a Super Mushroom. Super Peach is taller than Small Peach. She is able to withstand being hit by an enemy without losing a life, shrinking back to Small Peach (except for Super Mario Bros. 2 where she only shrinks if there is only one hit point remaining from the current maximum). She is also able to break Brick Blocks (in Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Run), unlike Small Peach. The player always starts off in this form when playing as her in most of her playable appearances in the main Super Mario series (except for Super Mario Advance, where she starts in her Small form instead).

All games depict Super Peach as Peach's normal non-powered form. In fact, Peach appears as Super Peach in the cutscenes of all Super Mario titles, and the introduction movies for Super Mario Advance and Super Mario 3D World depict her Super form as her standard form. Additonally, in post-Fall 2017 versions of Super Mario Run, Peach is depicted in her Super form when being kidnapped by Bowser, shrinking only when taking damage while playing as her. This means that Super Peach is in fact Peach's normal usual form and that Bowser (and/or the Koopalings, including Bowser. Jr) or another villain kidnapping her does not cause her to shrink, only taking damage from enemies makes her shrink.