This article is about the game for the DS. For the form of Peach seen in her playable appearances in the Super Mario platformers, see Super Peach.
Super Princess Peach Box Art

The box art for Super Princess Peach

Super Princess Peach is Peach's own game, and the only game where she is the main protagonist. It was made only for the Nintendo DS. It was released in Japan in October 2005, the United States in Februrary 2006, Australia in March 2006, and in Europe in May 2006


While Peach is out for a walk, Bowser and the Koopa Troop, with the Vibe Scepter take over her castle, capturing Mario, Luigi, and Toad. As Peach returns from her walk, she finds her castle guards in a variety of emotions ranging from crying, happy, or angry. Peach then decides to rescue Mario, Luigi, and Toad, who have rescued her in many occasions before. Before she leaves, Toadsworth gives her what he remarks a strange umbrella. Later, Peach discovers that the umbrella is sapient and named Perry, and he has a small story behind him. Regardless, as Peach travels throughout Vibe Island, Perry is known to be a very useful ally in many situations.